Aimee Wong with 5 year old son, Ethan

Aimee Wong

Lifestyle Coach

As a Beachbody and John Maxwell Certified Coach, I help women accelerate their personal goals through accountability and personal development.

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Aimee Wong


In today’s market, I understand you have many options and “coaches” to pick from, which is why it is important to know who and what your business stands for. I am FOR:

  • People passionate about learning and growing
  • Our families and community
  • Our veterans and service members

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How to Understand the Other Person

Active listening is a skill we can practice with every moment. We can hone this skill with our environment, nature, other people, and spiritual selves. Listening fully requires a high level of self-awareness and helps you earn someone’s trust by showing him/her you empathize with their situation or struggles.

Book Review: “Atomic Habits”

From John Maxwell’s summer reading list, James Clear provides a practical guide to improving your every day life. Much in-line with John Maxwell’s philosophy that our success depends on what’s on our daily agenda, Clear breaks habits down to the “atomic” level. Do you appreciate systems and tools to help you advance? This book is…

16 Inspiring Quotes from Brené Brown

I take so much inspiration from (nearly) every book I have read, and Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection is no different. Here are my 16 most inspiring quotes from Brené Brown.