What’s In a Name?

Welcome to the Team!

What an exciting (and nerve-wracking) time as I officially launch Triple Threat Transformation! Would you believe that this dream has been within me for over four years now… just stewing. Sometimes it’s good to stew, but eventually people want to eat!

Triple Threat has a deep personal history and is filled with symbolism as I look and plan towards our future. As a former basketball player and now official, “triple threat” always referred to “a player that has the options of shooting, dribbling, or passing the ball.”*

I am committed to helping people who are passionate about learning and growing to be prepared for excellence; to be in a ready position (triple threat) to take action and excel physically, mentally, and spiritually. And if you’re ready to take action, I’m here to provide you with the coaching, training, and speaking services you need to advance your skillset and networks with other incredible people. I’m a big believer in the power of three!

Which brings us to Transformation, “a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance”. Coaching is at the heart of any meaningful transformation because coaching helps the individual discover the answers and strength within, raising your awareness to discover your infinite potential. Imagine how dramatically your life could change if you learned how to blow past your fears and breathe life into your dream?!

Finally, our tagline: Strive to Improve serves as a reminder that we should be working to improve ourselves – by as little as 1% – every day. It’s a focus on growth, but also emphasizing progress over perfection.

*Note: This term can also apply to football (excelling at running, passing, and kicking) and the arts (excelling at acting, singing, and dancing); however, I am married to basketball!

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I would love to hear your thoughts! What are you most interested in learning about? Did you play basketball or do you work as an official?

Published by Aimee Wong

When she's not in the lab, you'll find Aimee officiating high school basketball games or at Saturday night family dinners. She's passionate about learning, lattes, and lifting weights.

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