The Million Dollar Mandate

As I was formulating the vision for Triple Threat Transformation I was at the same time working my way through Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” classic. While working through the practical steps (which you can do in my upcoming mastermind here), Hill immediately asks of us what we intend to give in return for our riches and success.

I knew I was going to provide coaching, training, and speaking services; give money for my own personal development and certifications, and of course, time to accomplish these things. But something was missing. I began to ask myself how can we (you and I) contribute to a larger cause together?

After reflection and journaling the “Million Dollar Mandate” idea was born: donating 5% of sales to an organization in an effort to raise $1,000,000.00 USD towards their cause. The next question was, who will receive this money?

Although it’s not something I often talk about, I had always wanted to serve the military but let my self-limiting fears keep me from achieving that dream (a story for another time). I even went so far as to write a poem about this desire in my high school AP English class, but I digress.

If I cannot serve in uniform, how can I (we) serve the people who serve us? Enter Operation Gratitude. I’m pulled by their mission: “To forge strong bonds between Americans and their Military and First Responder Heroes through volunteer service projects, acts of gratitude, and meaningful engagements in communities nationwide.” I identify with their value of gratitude and I certainly feel a sense of meaningful contribution to our countrymen and women. As an organization, it also receives extremely high ratings, with 93% of all donations are devoted to Program Services*.

When you invest in your personal growth, you’re also investing in our service members. This is Triple Threat Transformation‘s commitment to you.

The Million Dollar Mandate

5% every sale is donated to Operation Gratitude to reach $1,000,000.00 USD.

*Read Operation Gratitude’s yearly financials here.

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When she's not in the lab, you'll find Aimee officiating high school basketball games or at Saturday night family dinners. She's passionate about learning, lattes, and lifting weights.

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