Three Feet From Gold

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Have you given up on your dream?

In Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich, Hill recounts the story of Darby, a gold prospector who stopped digging for gold because he wasn’t finding anything. Instead, he sold his equipment and left town. The person who bought his digging equipment? He hired an expert, adjusted the plan, and FOUND GOLD three feet away!

What is YOUR plan?

Have you given up on your plan because it is too difficult? Maybe it’s not working out the way you envisioned. So, what are you going to do about it?

Strengthen your persistence muscles!

How can you develop the PERSISTENCE required to push through and dig just a little deeper? Start with these four steps.


It’s no wonder Napoleon Hill begins Think and Grow Rich with helping you identify what you truly desire.

It’s that age-old question: if you could do or have anything, and failure/money is not an obstacle, what would you want?

If you are having trouble with this, make a list of the activities that bring you JOY. What would you do for free?


What is your reason for wanting this thing? What is your WHY?

Not your superficial reason; not what your parents wanted or what will make your kids happy; not that you think other people are expecting.

YOUR why should fill you with emotion!

A helpful tool for discovering your true why is the 7 Layers Deep exercise. I first heard this from Dean Graziosi and it certainly gave me something to think about!

Why is this a crucial step in your success?

You are going to face obstacles and haters. Crab people who do not want you to succeed because it reminds them of what they have given up on.

You will face rejection and disappointments.

Your plan is not going to work the first time. Or the second. Or maybe even the third time.

Your WHY is the motivation for you to push through; to keep showing up and be great!

Create an Action Plan

We all have goals. You have goals. I have goals.

We are all trying to find our own gold.

Do you have a plan to find yours?

Creating an action plan helps you identify BIG ideas, BIG goals and then break each down into bite-sized pieces.

Your Action Plan is like GoogleMaps; pointing you in the direction but flexible enough to account for detours. GoogleMaps requires you to have a destination in mind. In order for your Action Plan to work you will have to determine your definite DESIRE!

Build Your Master Mind

What was the last thing you struggled with? Who did you turn to?

Who do you keep in your inner circle?

These are the people who will positively challenge you, engage in meaningful discussions to help you accomplish your ultimate DESIRE, and are a resource to learn from and network with.

Your Master Mind group is there to help hold you accountable to what you want.

They help you develop PERSISTENCE when you are three feet from gold. These people will be there to offer perspective and encouragement.

Surround yourself with good people!

Have you ever stopped three feet from gold before? What did you learn from that experience?

Don’t miss another chance to improve today!

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